About Us

Shakti Orthopaedic Industries (P) Ltd., was founded in the year 1989 and has since been developing and marketing Orthopedic implants and instruments in India and many countries of the world . Within a few years of its inception the company secured for itself a position of reliability and prominence as makers of high quality products of international standards.

Quality Assurance

In its constant endeavor to raise the manufacturing and administrative standards the company also obtained the ISO 13485 and CE & FDA certificates so that all the international norms and guidelines are strictly followed. 

Product Standards

The orthopedic implants manufactured by us are assured for quality as they have to pass all the strict quality control tests laid down in the international standards like ASTM & ISO. For example, for bone screws the standard followed is ASTM F 543 and bone plates are made as per ASTM F 382. Likewise for each implant testing is done and norms are followed accordingly.

Raw Material Standards

Implants are especially subject to strict quality control measures. It is because of this control and various tests carried out at several stages during manufacturing that the company has been able to retain the consistency in the quality of its products that it is known for. The raw material used for implants meet all the requirements of international standards. For steel implants raw material is used as per ISO 5832-1 and for unalloyed and alloyed titanium ISO 5832-2/ASTM F67 and ISO 5832-3/ASTM F136 standards are followed respectively.

Our instruments are manufactured from the best suitable magnetic or non-magnetic stainless steel. Sometimes additional treatments and/or coatings are given to the surface of instruments to ensure the durability and resistance to corrosion.

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